Dear Black-owned Business,

Get on board!

My name is Richard Symister. I am the proud owner of Movevolution Physical Therapy in Fort Greene,  Brooklyn, where we treat anyone who moves for a living and lives to move

We are the only black-owned Physical Therapy studio in Brooklyn.


  1. PROMOTE other Brooklyn-based, black-owned businesses that promote a healthy lifestyle
  2. INFORM our Brooklyn community of our hidden gems.
  3. NETWORK amongst other black-owned businesses to share business strategies, recommendations, and other relevant business information. 
  4. SUPPORT each other by referring customers, promoting events on our social medial pages, visiting their business and/or using their services, and writing positive, eye-catching reviews.


I hope to fill in this Black In Brooklyn Board Game by the end of the year.

Who’s on the BOARD?

Board members will include, but not be limited to Brooklyn-based, black-owned: acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, massage therapists and bodyworkers, doctors, mental health practitioners, mentorship programs, dance, art, music, and movement instructors, healthy restaurants and eateries (like Cuts & Slices, yoga and Pilates, 

We are already lining up our list of podcast guests!


I would very much like to become more familiar with your business in hopes of promoting your services, connecting you with other black-owned businesses,  and spreading the word of how you add health and wellness to our communities.

Please let me know how we can connect. I can be reached at 718-522-2658 or

I look forward to connecting and supporting you!

Heal. Move. SUPPORT. Evolve.

Richard Symister, MSPT

MovEvolution, Owner