Physical Therapy

Treating the pain, injury, surgical conditions and movement dysfunctions of folks like you who move for a living and live to move. 1 hour sessions

  • 1-on-1, client-centered treatments
  • Hands-on body work techniques
  • Corrective movement “homework”

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    Take your Therapy anywhere!

    • 50 minute sessions
    • Sports and movement screenings
    • Strength and conditioning training/programming
    • DIY self-mobilization and stretching techniques
    • Suggested plan of care/”homework”
    • Rest/recovery, nutrition and stress management recommendations

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    Drumming  Physical Therapy

    Stop wasting time and money going back-and-forth between multiple doctors and clinicians that don’t truly understand your complex drumming pain or particular needs. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter exercises that are not pertinent to your drumming instrument or style.

    Our Goals

    1. Decrease your pain, discomfort, injury or movement dysfunctions.
    2. Improve your overall drumming fitness.
    3. Avoid future injury.

    Our Clients

    Strikers, slappers, shakers and scrapers. From trap set to timbalies, bongo to berimbau, kettle drums to kalimbas. All are welcome!


    • Learn why breath work is so important to your relaxation and endurance
    • Learn how to avoid common drumming injuries
    • Learn strength and conditioning programming for your particular drumming style
    • Learn proper warm-ups, warm-downs, stretching and mobilization techniques to keep you limber and mobile
    • Improve your ergonomics, alignment and posture
    • Feel the difference bodywork and massage can make to your mobility

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